NEW Mermaid Gold/ Pink & Turkish Delight Mermaid Makeup Brushes

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Choose from our 20 piece Rose Gold/Pink Mermaid Makeup Brushes or our 12 piece Turkish Delight Mermaid set,  each with tails which is simply stunning! 

This vegan friendly brush set is made from cruelty free synthetic fibres. Meaning less product absorption and a super-smooth finish every time. This set contains all the mermaid tail brushes you need for a full face.They have a gorgeous glitter texture to them which really makes them stand out from the crowd. 

Item Type: Makeup Brush
Model Number: 5.23
Brush Material: Vegan Synthetic Hair
Handle Material: Wood
Material: Synthetic Hair
Used With: Sets & Kits
Quantity: 15 pcs 1 set

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